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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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About the Editor

Jenell beach Web sizeOne of a kind optimist and entrepreneur extraordinaire.  Jenell Alley tackles life with the same fervor she applies in business and her relationships.  It is no wonder when after meeting with Jenell you feel ready to tackle a few things of your own.  She is an original inspiration, filled with good will and genuine love of making her world and those she connects with better.

Jenell has a voice that requires – no deserves an outlet, which is where The Best Places and Faces publication came from.  If you thought her publication was the sum of Jenell Alley you need to meet with her again.  Jenell has many sides to her both personally and professionally.  The Best Places and Faces publication is only an outlet for a fraction of what makes her special.  On her site you will find some of her ventures as well as several spotlights of people, places and businesses that have stood out enough, by meeting the values she herself lives by, in order to be featured in one of the annual publications.

We hope you benefit from what you receive from this site and have a copy of her publication to enjoy over a cup of your favorite beverage.  We will be always adding to the content and value as Jenell continues to herself grow.  So sit back and enjoy the escapades of a beautiful person we all benefit from knowing; Jenell Alley’s story is continuing and the best part of it is she’s inviting you to come along!

Written with affection by Kristi Kirkland~

Tim Allen Photography – This months spotlight location

“I love photography, but more than that, I love helping my clients to capture their feelings of love for their precious families as well as the moments of their lives that mean more than anything to them. I have dedicated my life to creating these priceless portraits that touch their hearts and bring real tears of joy to their eyes.…” - Tim Allen

Interviewing for business spotlights!